This is I have created the most innovative business costing and management process in America. This process will help you understand and manage business.

The Distinction

The first and most critical point to understand is that there is a clear distinction between managing types of businesses and managing business. There are literally thousands of different types of businesses which require different management skills, while the skills for managing business are the same for all businesses.

Managing any type of business is based on an individual’s skill set, profession, trade, knowledge, know-how, ability, etc. That is, managing the service provided or the product made.

On the other hand, managing business involves managing the resources that owners/investors have paid for or are obligated to pay for (money at risk) to provide the service or product. These resources take the form of a revenue source and overhead. The revenue source pertains to the resources that are directly related to providing the service or product that customers purchase.

The Reality

When most people think about, discuss or even start a business, their focus is on the type of business. While it is true that a business’ success is greatly enhanced when it provides a quality product or service, 90% of businesses fail within the first two years, and only a small percentage of those that survive have long-term success. Why? Because the people starting these businesses were only managing their type of business instead of their business. Thus failure.

Managing Business

So what is managing business? Managing a business means managing the resources that are put at risk by owners/investors for the purpose of making a profit (Investment). The problem is most business managers don’t know their real cost, they don’t know the business’ cost of productivity, they don’t know their minimum profit, they don’t know how to maximize profits, and they don’t know how to measure the business’s success by the day, hour, mile, etc.

The AllKnownBusinessCosts process provides the fastest, easiest and most useful tools and processes to manage any business. With this process you will know:

  1. 98% of your AllKnownBusinessCosts by revenue source before the first day of the month.
  2. Your cost of productivity (productive work) per day, hour, mile, etc. by revenue source before the first day of the month.
  3. Your actual cost based on productive work.
  4. Your minimum profit by revenue source before the first day of the month.
  5. How to maximize your profits by revenue source by understanding the relationship between pricing and your cost of productivity.
  6. How to measure the financial success of your business by the mile, hour, day.